2A Sanctuary County Rally in Albany New York

We, as Law Abiding citizens, are guaranteed certain rights from the US Constitution, and will not be forced to give up those rights.

The goal and demand of this rally is for local control of firearms policy and the repeal of all state laws restricting firearms on a statewide level.

We need as many NY counties as possible to have issued 2A Sanctuary ordinances prior to the event to demonstrate that we have our local governments supporting our efforts.

Please get involved with your local 2A Sanctuary County initiative and make this happen!!

We would like to present a petition to the Assembly on the date of the rally as it is the last date they will be in session before recess.

We can stand as one, and be heard. Let’s do this peacefully, and respectfully. Please share, get the word out, and invite! Thank you for your support!

Schoharie County Libertarian Party
More Info:
Date of Event:
Tuesday, 2 June, 2020
Time of Event:
9 AM – 12 PM EDT
New York State Capitol Building, State St. and Washington Ave., Albany
Albany, New York

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