A little rant about Bootlickers

Found a dumb ass Blue Lives Matter rally,and it is by far the most jingoistic thing I read in my life. Y’all scream “Don’t tread on me,” and collect guns, but we all know you’re full of shit. You let the State and its tools crush you with a jackboot. You say you’ll you support 2a, but I certainly don’t see y’all protecting the innocents being gassed, shot at, shoved into unmarked government vans, unlawfully detained, and god forbid they’re black, armed, and don’t regurgitate y’all’s bootlicking, y’all say you support the troops that is until they say something you don’t like. Y’all say you support small government,but judging by the size of our military,and how much mony is needlessly poured into endless meat grinders you let the government send our children into. You cowards just love playing the victim in a desperate attempt to maintain your legitimacy. Don’t think there aren’t people in this state that see through your charade. This is a Police Riot.

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1 hour ago

agreed i dont want to see any “small government” trump voters supporting the heavily militarized state in which we live. it pisses me off to see people caring more about broken glass than innocent lives lost.

3 days ago

I am a man of color and I have family in law enforcement. You gonna throw insults at me too??? for refusing to follow your leftist narrative? I have a thin blue line decal on my car and its funny how I see “woke” outraged liberals like you stare at my car but dont say anything…probably would if I were white. I am just waiting for one of these SJWs to say something to me Imma give them an earful.

check the news in portland – setting a building on fire and BLOCKING the exits is NOT peaceful protesting by ‘innocent’ people. THAT is ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Another irony of you SJW leftists is showing up to rallies and harassing Black police officers. You thugs think just cause your part of BLM gives you a pass to verbally and Physically (i.e. bottles/rocks) abuse a Black person (in uniform)???
you are no different than KKK or Neo-Nazi skin heads if that is what your doing. I have been seeing this alarming behavior of WHITE SJWs behaving this way towards black officers. WTF is wrong with you people? do you not see the Irony of your behavior? Not thats its okay to attack a white officer but REALLY???
your spoiled brat, privileged suburbia ass who NEVER exp any racism is going to stand there and harass Black officers?
and now your here calling people that back the blue (like some of us who are family of officers) BOOTLICKERS?!

4 days ago

I’m pretty confident that the majority of real Americans are watching the chaos happening, and can’t wait for the local law enforcement to completely smash the moron communist riot-testors. These dumbasses are fortunate that the conservative men of this country have restraint. When they finally push to hard, the wave of pissed off real Americans will have Antifa and the BLM leadership looking like deer in the headlights.

Black Criminals
Black Criminals
8 days ago

You seem to be confused about the facts. Probably you’ve taken in too much propaganda from the MSM. Only law breakers are being gassed, shot at, and shoved into lawful unmarked government vans. They are being lawfully detained. Many are black because blacks are irrationally filled with hate right now based on incorrect things they have been led to believe. They are crossing the line of legality with their inability to control themselves and are giving in to the use of violence.
Nobody is willing to use the second amendment to protect violent law breakers; that was never the intention. So, do some more research and soul searching, settle down and rejoice that the police are working hard to keep your community safe.

9 days ago

Settle down Beavis.