Accountability March – Impeach Trump / Arrest Insurrectionists! – Chicago

Accountability now!
Demand accountability for the leaders and perpetrators of the Capitol Hill attack.
America is at a turning point. With fewer than 100 arrests of the thousands of attackers on Capitol Hill, violent insurrectionists are learning that they are above the law. These same groups are already planning to assault and disrupt Inauguration events. We cannot allow it.
The Accountability March seeks to peacefully deter violence and uphold the rule of law by holding accountable Donald Trump and all who participated in storming the Capitol.
We demand the following:
1. Impeach and expel Donald J Trump immediately from office
2. Arrest and prosecute all insurrectionists who wrongly entered the Capitol Building
3. Investigate and hold accountable all who engaged in or supported seditious acts
The Accountability March will occur on Saturday, January 16, 2021. It is critical that this march take place before Inauguration Day on Jan 20, which domestic terrorist groups are already planning to disrupt.
***Peace, nonviolence, and lawful obedience are essential, in contrast to the actions we protest. Safety, in all its forms, must come first. Masks and social distance are mandatory.***
To highlight the patriotism that powers our protests and amplify our efforts, we encourage participants to:
1. Bring and ring bells to call for justice; and/or
2. Take back the flag — Carry an American flag and/or wear red, white, or blue
Logistical details as follows:
Date: Saturday, 1/16/21
Time: 12pm – 2pm (short speeches to be followed by a 22 min march)
Place: Meet at the Hamilton Statue in Lincoln Park and march on the pedestrian pathway east of Cannon Drive to the Ulysses S. Grant Monument
Please share the event with your network and tag photos with #accountabilitymarch.
Please reach out if your organization would like to co-host, and spread the word!

More Info:
Date of Event:
Saturday, 16 January, 2021
Time of Event:
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST
Alexander Hamilton Statue
Chicago, Illinois
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