All lives matter!!

I am sick and tired of hearing that Black Lives Matter ,all lives matter not just black lives ,we all have to come together and say that we’re tired of all the shenanigans that the Democrats are putting on ,they are trying to divide this country. All lives matter!,This is just a ploy that they’re using to put black against white and any other nationality or color. All colors have to stand together, and say that we are the United States ,not one nationality, not one color, but all the United States and we want our freedom back ,wake up America and say we want our freedom back ,we refuse to be a political pawn!!

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18 days ago

all lives do matter, but right now we need tot focus on the people that are actually struggling. white people aren’t being murdered by the police. to not admit that is extremely racist and ignorant, and you cannot tell me otherwise.

16 days ago
Reply to  saoirse

saoirse, White people are killed far more, nearly double the numbers of Black people by police. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of violent crime is carried out by Black people. You could read facts, or you could accept fake news from the left. The choice is yours.

1 month ago

yikes! just say you’re racist and move on next time <3

15 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

What was racist about the comment? Are you so intellectually deprived that you cannot read and understand what was being said? Only a blithering idiot would use the term “racist” so loosely.