Has anyone studied American History. I mean really studied without google, bing, or other search engines? Please do. You will find that a lot of what we were all taught was false. For instances, when the Norse ships (Vikings) sailed across the atlantic and some made it to New Foundland and as far south as Maine they also brought with them… slaves. the didn’t go to Africa these slaves were other Norse people they captured and early English that were captured when the Norse invaded England. I know this because it is part of my family history. Then the Richie rich folks from England started sending their workers over. They bagan to target quakers and other religious folk who would not worship the way the king and queen said to.. so instead of imprisoning them, they funded their voyages over here. England did the same to Australia. Australia (like America) already had indigenous people living there. England was sending their prisoners to Australia to work there;; nopay, very little if any medical care, and very little food, whipps and chains… white slaves yet again. then the portugese got word out that warring African tribes knew nothing about the “dollar” or “English Pounds” but traded in livestock and slaves. so the world for a long while would get slaves that were captured / kidnapped by africans. my point is this… whos at fault… do I blames EVERY BLACK PERSON FOR THE ONE MAN WHO HAPPENED TO BE BLACK TO ATTACKED A CO-WORKER OF MINE; A CO WORKER WHO WAS BLACK.. NOT JUST BLACK BUT WAS AN AFRICAN HERSELF? AND I STEPPED IN TO PRY HIM OFF OF HER AND HE CAUSED ME TO SHATTER MY RIGHT ANKLE. DO I BLAME ALL BLACK PEOPLE? I NEED TO KNOW. CUZ THE MESSAGE YALL ARE HANDING OUT SAYS ITS OK FOR ME TO DO THAT. I SAW A BLACK MAN GIVING A SPEECH ON THE TV. I ASKED MY FIVE YEAR OLD WHAT KIND OF MAN SHE SAW ON TV. SHE ANSWERED BACK “A MAN.” I AGAIN ASKED HER ” NO, WHAT KIND OF MAN?” SHE ANSWERED BACK CONFUSED, “A… MAN?” that made me tear up right there. she attends school with kiddos of every races and creed. and yet, she didn’t even answer with a race as part of her answer.

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Yup. The whole “we was slaves cause we is black and duh white whip crackers be rayciss” is complete BS. And, I would add, no black person alive today in the USA was ever a slave here. They don’t deserve any reparations. I never owned a slave or stole any land so I don’t owe any reparations. In this country, I can only be held responsible for MY actions, not the actions of anyone else, past or present.