Antifascist Mutual Aid Action * Justice For Jacob Blake *

Last week, on the very same day, the powers that be showed that they condone and reward cops when they shoot Black men, by refusing to press charges against the cop that shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back as he walked away, while simultaneously showing that they are okay with white male fascists attempting a coup at the US Capitol by shaking hands with fascists, taking selfies with them and opening the barricades so that they can gain access to the capitol grounds.
We know that Black led anti police violence movements would NOT have been treated with the same kid gloves. We also know that the government and their repressive apparatus, the police and military, CANNOT stop the rising fascist threat, because many police were in the far right mob storming the capitol and those that weren’t, were busy letting them in and congratulating them.
WE are the only force that can stop the fascist creep from taking over our community, it’s important that we show up and make space for antifascist, anti racist, anti police violence organizing and community in response to these two fascist incidents.
Join us as we organize mutual aid in the form of a free meal, to create space for antifascist community and broader organizing.
The hope is to involve many progressive and radical organizations in this action to exhibit the powerful network of antifascist antiracist groups and individuals that run through our communities already that can resist fascism. Please reach out if you want to endorse this event and or get involved!

Madison IWW General Defense Committee Local 100
Date of Event:
Sunday, 17 January, 2021
Time of Event:
11:00 AM CST
Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison, Wisconsin
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