Black Friday BIPOC Lives Matter March

Our list of demands for police:
-An end to racial profiling
-Community-controlled police
-More extensive training in anti-racist policing
-A stop to sending police into non-violent situations
-An end to police brutality against black and brown bodies
-Police fund reallocation to youth programming and education
-More extensive training on de-escalation methods regarding
people with mental health issues or developmental delays
-A stop to criminalizing mental health issues and addiction
-Redirect police funds and give them to a mental health
organization to serve and protect the community
-Require police to carry professional liability insurance

Our list of demands around housing:
– County provides more hotel rooms for the winter.
– Hotels housing folks who are sleeping outside, will be run like dignified housing.
– More deeply affordable housing.
– Cease construction of luxury condos, until the ones already built are filled.

On Site Public Media and Good Trouble for Justice
Date of Event:
Friday, 27 November, 2020
Time of Event:
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST
The Park and Ride at 394 and Hopkins Crossroads
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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4 days ago

We need to start following the science. Just like when a wife is killed, statistics show that the husband is usually responsible. Statistics also show that blacks commit more crimes per capita than any other group. We see it in the streets everyday especially recently with the riots and looting. We need to start doing more racial profiling to get these criminals removed from society until the science can show we no longer need to.

5 days ago

It’s time to face it: George Floyd wasn’t an upstanding citizen. He was a violent felon who victimized women, abandoned multiple children, and had history of drug use. The drug use weakened his heart and he couldn’t take the strain of being restrained while resisting arrest. That’s what killed him. He was also driving while high on multiple drugs, so he was a danger to everyone around him. Watch the body cam footage (the FULL videos, not the bias clipped versions) and read the coroner’s reports. There has also been zero proof that any of the officers had a racist motivation. You can’t just presume guilt based on the skin colors involved. Doing that, in fact, makes you a racist. Those are the facts and you can verify them for yourself. If your worldview can’t accommodate reality, perhaps you should take some time to rethink your views and motivations.

Marches like this are built on lies. If you want to improve the police, get rid of the police unions! That’s a reform that everyone can agree on. The police unions protect bad cops and incompetent cops. Everyone can agree that we don’t want either of those groups wearing a badge. Abolish the police unions and we can finally start cleaning house.