Black Lives Matter Protest – Live Oak FL

This is a counter protest to the “Back the Blue” rally scheduled. We need to show them that black lives matter!
After seeing an event made for a “Back the Blue” rally, I decided it would be a great time for a Black Lives Matter protest. Police brutality MUST stop and officers MUST be held responsible for their actions!

Please join us as we stand up for black lives! ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Please wear a mask and practice social distancing while the event is taking place.

Date of Event:
Saturday, 11 July, 2020
Time of Event:
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
Paul Langford Stadium, 302 Parshley Street Southwest, Live Oak, FL 32064
Live Oak, FL

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Karl Marx
Karl Marx

The negro race is too stupid to realize it is just a tool for the powerful elite to achieve and maintain power. The elite don’t care about the negro; they are disgusted by them. The negro race is easily manipulated due to their lack of education and intelligence. Negros are nothing but tools. The always have been tools; first as beasts of burden and now as political tools and expendable foot soldier cannon fodder.

American Patriot
American Patriot

Sounds pretty stupid to me. Why would you support a left wing fascist totalitarian organization that uses race as a guise to whip up a destructive frenzy in the unintelligent to advance an agenda of total power and control? You do realize BLM has nothing to do with race, right? It was founded by two self-avowed Marxists and all money donated goes straight to the left wing Democratic Party. Didn’t know? It’s ok, I understand, too much MSNBC and CNN. But now you DO know. Do the moral thing. Be a good Christian. Be a good American and patriot. Vote… Read more »