**If you choose to attend a Rally, we encourage everyone to take precautions, be responsible in public by following CDC guidelines, observe social distancing, and to please wear a face mask. Please follow this link for the CDC Control and Prevention Guide lines More →

During this time of heightened Anti-Asian hate, may we unite to honor the lives of our fellow Asian Americans who were violently murdered in greater Atlanta recently. May we also unite in solidarity against racism toward Asian Americans and all people of color. Together, our voices will be amplified! Together,Read More →

We will be gathering at the GFS to celebrate the victory of a guilty verdict for killer cop Derek Chauvin!!! We are claiming victory in advance!! We are believing and trusting that the jury will come back with.. GUILTY AS CHARGED On all charges!! We will celebrate Floyd’s Life, LegacyRead More →

We need to show up in numbers. Big numbers! Calling all friends, family, an Allies who support Jazz and human rights to join us at City Hall in Quincy, IL. Let’s make our voices heard. Hold Steve Homan accountable for his atrocious attack on Jazz that almost killed her. HoldRead More →