Please join us for a peaceful event to speak out against racism and in support of our neighbors of color in Deale. We will park and meet at the planned South County Park property at the address listed. I hope we’ll see many of you there! We will be requiringRead More →

Trump Is Already Stealing the Election. WE NEED TO VOTE, BUT TRUMP WILL NOT BE STOPPED JUST BY VOTING! Trump is already stealing the election. Black and Latino people forced to stand in line 12 hours to vote, mail-in drop off locations shut down during a pandemic while armed whiteRead More →

Saturday October 24: 2:00 pm Mass Public Assembly @ Union Square Needed: artists, performers, musicians, organizations, people with a passion for justice. @RefuseFascism invites you because Trump is ALREADY stealing the election. We need to vote. But Trump Won’t be Stopped Just by Voting. There’s a rolling coup underway now.Read More →