SAFE≠SILENT! We are facing a #TrumpGenocide in the making. Covid-19 is deadly but the Trump/Pence regime is making it deadlier; compounding the damage they’ve done over 3 years in hammering fascism into place. Trump supports gun-toting white supremacist mobs and praises the anti-Semite Henry Ford for having “good blood” (aRead More →

Freedom Rally “Never Again” Details: Come, let your voice be heard! Join us for a Freedom Rally on June 3, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. This rally is to show our appreciation to governor Reynolds for her consideration of our constitutional rights. This rally is to encourage constitutional rightsRead More →

Join us on May 30th at 3:00PM in your car to demand the cancellation of rents and mortgages statewide, immediate housing for all, and full aid and rights for the undocumented! Let’s make some noise, plaster “Cancel the Rents” and “” on our cars and windows, and make our voicesRead More →