All Patriots need to help Stop the Biden agenda and preserve Trumps America fist mandates. Go to and get involved. We (Trump) can take back America in 2024 if we all get on board and hold Biden accountable for his radical leftist agenda. We don’t need Bidens cozy firesideRead More →

In a violation of his oath of office, Montana Senator Steve Daines aided and abetted an effort to overturn the will of the voters, empowered a President who has repeatedly broken the law and violated the norms of our constitutional democracy and fueled conspiracy theories that have inflamed the mindsRead More →

I am a grandmother who has taken most of my grandchildren in. Some have been through dcs, while others were parents not able to care for them. I was given a granddaughter in 2014 through dcs and kept her for two years. I needed knee surgery and asked dcs toRead More →