I was looking at different protest on here and came across this one in Australia https://rallylist.com/brisbane-wake-up-australia-millions-march/. I was blown away after I read it, cause it all finally made sense to me that this is a global conspiracy, a “New World Order” if you will,  to rein in and controlRead More →

Trump is the master manipulator of complete morons and I think we found the mother load of morons organizing and attending “Patriot” Re-open/Freedom rallies! They scream about being oppressed and the Tyranny of the state imposing their will on the people, really? Didn’t the great almighty orange beach ball TrumpRead More →

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines might be the biggest, flip flopping, Trump Loving, Completely dishonest, and completely self-absorbed Senator in the country, and I’m saying this as a Republican! Just a few months ago he was running ads about cutting Social Security and medicare/medicaid, and all the other trump lovingRead More →

I voted for both, will not again since i see they believe in slavery, taking away rights with out regard to the constitution, i will be at the lake city Florida rally to protest the lockdown of my state by my whimpy governor….Read More →

I think the only way Joe Biden can beat trump is if he has a strong running mate. In this case I think Michelle Obama needs to take one for the team and be his running mate. With Obama on the ticket, we have a chance of beating trump. WithoutRead More →