Trump just keeps stepping up his game to higher and higher levels. The way he is handling this Pandemic is nothing short of genius, and the way he is handling all those grandstanding, crybaby governors is mind blowing. It makes me sick that people like Cuomo and others would makeRead More →

On many social sites people are constantly complaining about how useless it is to vote & that both parties are the same. Of course, some of these are trolls/bots/plants deliberately meant to demean & obscure why we all need to vote so “their side” wins. DON’T FALL FOR THAT! IfRead More →

I’m really getting tired of all the fake news stories, it drives me nuts. I see all the Protest Rallies on this site as a result of all the fake news and think to myself, what a waste of time and energy. How do these so called “Legitimate” news companiesRead More →

Gun control does not work. All it does is keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and keeps guns in the hands of criminals. So now all the bad guys are armed and the rest of us are sitting ducks! If you look back at some ofRead More →