Trump is getting dangerous now with his reckless actions. When will the republicans get the balls to stand up for this country and stand up to Trump, to stop his destructive unpatriotic madness? Trumpers talk about the Dems being weak, while they sit around and let Trump do one ofRead More →

Be a gracious winner and give a Trump supporter a hug, I’m sure a lot of them could use one right about now. With the viral Trump disease whipped out, now we can move on to Covid and all get back to our lives. Oh, and Trump…..YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (been waitingRead More →

President Trump alone is fighting an epic battle against an evil secret alliance or New World order, that has only one objection;  to takeover the United States (and ultimately the world), and control free peoples thoughts and actions for their own profit and enjoyment! In our biggest time of need,Read More →

I admit, I was all on-board for Trump in 2016 but I just can’t vote for him now. Trump has gone completely off the rails and really is starting to look like a demented wannabe dictator, and the so called Patriots that follow him are starting to look to meRead More →

I think its kind of funny that Trump and all his lunatic right wing nut job cronies, all get coronvirus from the SCOUTS Rose garden event. Kind of seems like RGB is getting her revenge from the great beyond!! These hypocrites and deniers all deserve to be infected and getRead More →