I’ve seen and read the statement that Trump is the most pro-American president ever. What does that mean, that other presidents were anti-American? I recently listened to some guys in a coffee shop discussing this and saying how much they loved Trump standing up for America and its values andRead More →

Its not a women’s right to be able to choose to kill another human, its called murder. Birth control should be free and mandatory through out the world, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many germ carrying, bratty, spoiled rotten kids running around and making life for the rest ofRead More →

Why doesn’t U.S. Border patrol just return people back to Mexico instead of putting them in detention camps? If they are illegal then it shouldn’t matter the reason that they want to immigrate, just send them back on the spot, and detention camp problem is solved. Then let them applyRead More →

Trump does not know the difference between a dictator and a President. He has to be the worst person to represent the United States ever. Now with his trade wars and macho bullshit, we will most likely head into a recession and will have to work even harder to payRead More →

How hypocritical is it that Melania Trump is a champion for the cause of bullying, yet her husband (Donald) could be the most high-profile bully in the world today? Does this woman not have a shred of self-respect? Oh wait, apparently not, she is married to Trump after all. MelaniaRead More →