I am sick and tired of hearing that Black Lives Matter ,all lives matter not just black lives ,we all have to come together and say that we’re tired of all the shenanigans that the Democrats are putting on ,they are trying to divide this country. All lives matter!,This isRead More →

That’s what I feel like we’re living in Communist China when are we going to stop wearing a mask, if the Democrats have their way, we will be wearing them for the rest of our lives, we need to get rid of the Democrats and put all Republicans in andRead More →

Donald J. Trump is the most maniacal, insecure, reprehensible, low-life douchebag, lolly lolly dumb ass, narcissistic, ill-informed, dumb as a fucking rock, corruptible, bully, orange faced, dim whited, Daddy daughter issues, perverted, shameless, did I say insecure?, bad hair, tubby little cry baby, taking my ball and going home, 10Read More →

I suppose its your right not to wear a mask, but its also the right of business owners to require one. Why should your right not to wear a mask be more important then the rights of stores requiring them? Not sure how the whole right wing Corona Hoax startedRead More →