I can’t deal with California anymore. The governor just made an order closing my church and gym. It seems that I won’t have school next month either so I’m stuck in state mandated isolation without any of my coping mechanisms.Read More →

Hello. It seems to me that while there is a whole lot of important protest happening now, there might be a shortage of political theory and reflection to draw on. Rosa Luxembourg and Rudi Dutschke were revolutionary leaders in their times and for any organization that would like to haveRead More →

BLM, which only comes out just before election time—to keep the blacks on the Democrat Plantation for another voting session, is only an extension of the Democrat Party. All funds go toward voting for losers like Biden. The Dems are the Party of slavery, the KKK and now the destructionRead More →

2013-2019 mappingpoliceviolence.org 1944 Blacks killed by police 3399 Whites killed by police ALL LIVES MATTER. The fake “house on fire” video that tries to show why “All lives matter is wrong” is actually wrong. To be HONEST, it would actually show ALL houses getting the water. Since Whites are killedRead More →