Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines might be the biggest, flip flopping, Trump Loving, Completely dishonest, and completely self-absorbed Senator in the country, and I’m saying this as a Republican! Just a few months ago he was running ads about cutting Social Security and medicare/medicaid, and all the other trump lovingRead More →

I think the only way Joe Biden can beat trump is if he has a strong running mate. In this case I think Michelle Obama needs to take one for the team and be his running mate. With Obama on the ticket, we have a chance of beating trump. WithoutRead More →

I just heard Trumps latest plan on injecting us with disinfectant and light rays…..Sounds like a solid plan with a lot of science behind it!!!!! We’re all going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read More →

It appears that the Tennessee Legislature passed a law giving the Governor Partial Martial Law authority. This was probably done in response to the September 11 attacks. Neither the Governor nor State Legislature should have this authority. The rights of people and businesses should not be infringed upon with aRead More →

Hello? .. The KungFlu (COVID-19) hoax is revealed. It is time to go back to work! .. If you are protesting, which you should be, ignore the “stay in your car” crap. You have a Constitutionally protected RIGHT to peacefully gather and protest your government. DO NOT LET THEM TAKERead More →