Coronavirus can’t touch Trump, He’s Satan

Nothing is going to happen to Trump other then maybe a bad cold, the man is Satan and Coronavirus won’t hurt him. I do believe he is Satan on earth. He’s not quite human, his skin is orange, he has an evil smile, he’s a Godless person (except for photo ops), and I’m certain the comb over is to hide the horns?
Trump (Satan) has been sent here to divide and conquer America and send it into complete chaos and despair to repent for our sins as a nation. Trump brings out the evil in people, and knows no other course of action then complete destruction of our way of life and to destroy  the moral compass of our once great country.

We have a chance to defeat Satan at the polls and if we don’t collectively ban together and denounce Satan (Trump), we are all doomed to hell


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9 hours ago

Uhm… I think you have things mixed up. Trump insists on decency, morality, law, order and justice. The left brings out the evil in people. They are the imps and tools of Satan. Anyone who can’t see the obvious and recognize that the left is evil has been fooled by Satan and his propaganda to believe evil is good and good is evil. God have mercy on your misguided souls. There is still time to save yourself from being banished to hell for eternity. Vote for Trump and his supporters to save your everlasting soul! The choice is yours; and you must live – or die – with the consequences.