DCS dividing not uniting!

I am a grandmother who has taken most of my grandchildren in. Some have been through dcs, while others were parents not able to care for them.

I was given a granddaughter in 2014 through dcs and kept her for two years. I needed knee surgery and asked dcs to help with care while I had the surgery.
After a year and a half they found no one. I reached out to my ex husband in Alabama and he agreed to watch her. I apparently angered a dcs supervisor by taking the action myself and ey decided I should not get the child returned to me.
I am raising her sister who is now six years old and wants her sister very bad. I also have a cousin I have raised for nine years who also bonded with the child.
We spent years in court where dcs vowed to drag out the time for as long as possible, which they did.
We kept in contact throughout this visits with the child so we were not strangers. Through court dcs did not want the child moved. The judge not only granted they keep the child , but ordered no visitation to her sister or cousin who she was bonded to as a sister.
The judge called the four year old lucky.
What would the two who suffer from losing a sister be called?
We were asked to become foster parents by dcs, we are acceptable in their eyes. Dcs agreed when new staff took over they never sought out any relatives, even though I contacted them on a regular basis.

Dcs nor the courts are doing their jobs. They divided a family over a personal issue instead of reuniting. I have be lucky to speak to two dcs workers who gave me insight on what happened. One still works there and one does not.
This must not continue.
Lives are destroyed over the feelings of those in power.
I need their story told. My attorney was shocked and called it a unjust decision.
What can I do?

New castle, IN
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