I can’t vote for Trump this time

I admit, I was all on-board for Trump in 2016 but I just can’t vote for him now. Trump has gone completely off the rails and really is starting to look like a demented wannabe dictator, and the so called Patriots that follow him are starting to look to me like Hitler youth. I just can’t be a party to this insanity anymore. All the Trump conspiracies, the miss-information, the lies, its all just too much. To blindly follow this man off the cliff is insanity, and I for one will will have to draw the line and abstain my vote.
I still expect Trump to win given the support I’ve seen for him, but I honestly hope he loses and just goes away. I love this country and now I see how Trump has torn it apart for nothing more then his ego and his wallet. Trump and his family and the super rich are the only ones really benefiting from his presidency, he has done little to increase my quality of life. Maybe if i were rich and getting millions in tax breaks I’d feel different but thats not the case.
So I bid all my Trump loving brothers farewell and God Speed!

Bill Carson

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9 months ago

If you want to live in a free America, you need to vote for President Trump. Under biden, you will have communism/socialism, open borders, very high taxes, state run health care, etc. I really love America and don’t want to see him destroy this country.

1 year ago

So, instead, you will vote for corruption, crime, higher taxes, less jobs, less purchasing power, less security and a lower quality of life? All while the people you vote for view you as a worthless idiot and live a dream life of the rich and famous? My, my, my! How irrational of you! Your shame is your own; live with it.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Liberals make me so sick i want to puke!! They are disgusting and are the demise for what this country stands for. Handouts must stop as one must work hard in order to expect a decent livelihood!

10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Someone looks like they don’t know what the definition of abstain means go back to school and get your education abstain means to not do something they said “ I for one will have to draw the line and abstain my vote” which means no they are not voting for biden so ur comment makes no sense so 1 either you don’t know how to read 2 you don’t know simple definitions of words… which is kinda sad but not surprising for a trump supporter.
Irrational of you to attack someone for voting when they didn’t even vote because they said they abstain from voting so your attacking them for voting for biden which they clearly stated they voted for no one? But mkay. Please go back to school and get educated uneducated people like u are going to ruin the country education is very important.