I will not wear a mask

These know-it-all Libtards are just insane, wearing a mask does nothing but increase you chances and trapping germs under the mask and getting infected more easily then not wearing one at all.
The most alarming thing about wearing a mask, is masks cause legionnaires disease from trapped moisture and bacteria in the mask. Might also cause pneumonia and lord knows what else. I for one will not be killed by wearing a mask!
In the first months of this so called “lock Down” the medical lords of DC told us not to wear masks, there was no reason for it, and our infection rates were way below what they are right now. This proves the point that masks are a waste of time and just plain stupid!
So once again Trump was right by not wearing a mask, he’s actually right about most things but the fake news will never give him the credit he deserves.
It will be a sad day for America if Trump is outed in a obviously rigged election. We need to fight to keep Trump in power, and when he wins again (which he will) he needs to change the term limits and keep total control of America for as long as he can. And when the day comes that he has to step down for health reasons or death, he should be able to pass the torch to Don Jr of maybe Sean Hannity, so America can continue to be the greatest nation on earth!

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Johnson, Michigan

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