Jan 6 counter protest?

Why isn’t there any counter protest to the Trump Army on Jan 6th in Washington? The real patriots of this country should be there and telling Trump to #StopTheWine and get the hell out of Washington! We need to remind him that he lost fair and square and needs to go home, he’s done enough damage to this country to last us all a lifetime.
He’s a big man sitting in his bunker calling for civil war to overturn an election he lost, while his Proud Boy minions beat-up innocent people walking down the street. This has to END!
Absolutely the worst President and maybe worst human ever!

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8 days ago

There was an online effort to purposefully NOT be there during their protests. we all knew they’d make fools of themselves. And look how well they pulled that off, no counter protest needed. The whole world got to see them for what they are.

4 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

They were there, you weren’t invited.
Video has emerged of at least five buses showing up with police escort across from the Capitol building.
Police officers telling them where to go once inside and even taking pictures with them.
Red Flag.
Facial recognition showing several from a-ntifa
rallies and arrests from before.

Yeah, we got it all figured out.
Stay home, keep your head down.

10 days ago

All it takes to have liberals display that DEER IN THE HEADLIGHT EXPRESSION IS TO Block their instructions on what to think from being delivered from facebook , google , twitter cnn , mbcn etc . You would witness the zombie apocalypse .

10 days ago

Make our day! Please! #TRUMP2020

11 days ago

Hey, f-u “Jan 6 counter protest”! Your kind has been undermining a legally elected president, for 4+ yrs now. Stay home and stay safe with your illegal president elect, JB.