Man up – MASK UP!

I’m really tired of hearing so called “Patriots” talk about their freedom and rights to not wear a mask and not get vaccinated. It may be your right, but your just making this whole mess last a whole lot longer then it needs to be.
Trump, Tucker, and Hannity, are all vaccinated, yet they keep telling you its your right as free people to resist the Socialist, but how about you be a true patriot and do what’s best for this country and end this horror show called Covid- 19. Trump and Tucker could care less about all of you, all they want is ratings and money!

You must resist the urge to be mindless sheep for the GOP, Be a man, Be a patriot, turn off Fox news, and MASK UP, get a F*ing vaccination, for everyone’s sake!
Lets end this thing, please, I beg you to do the right thing.
I promise there are no microchips, no mind control devices, and none of the things Q is telling you. Look at all the “Patriots” who have died from covid to protect there freedom, its all bullshit talk and a senseless waste of life.
Get it through your tiny conspiracy laced brains, this is a health crisis, not a political struggle.

If you love this country as you all claim, Man up, Mask up, Get vaccinated, and be a real patriot!


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30 days ago

I hope that since you’ve posted this you have learned that the PLANDEMIC is a hoax and meant to enslave and depopulate the human race and is NOT a health crisis as we have been lead to believe. If not, please do some research. Why is the vaccine NOT mandated for The White House, the CDC, the WHO, Pfizer, J&J???? Do you support putting unvaxxed people into “CAMPS?” Why are they setting up camps around the country? Why has the government purchased over 100 MILLION CASKETS??? WHY?
We MUST join together to stop this! STOP COMPLYING!!!! Humanity is at stake.
Please research the W.H.O., Agenda21, Agenda2030, Georgia Guidestones. GO RESEARCH!!! Use which is a private search engine. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all censoring important information from us.

28 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yes, we should put them all in camps and end this nightmare once and for all!

Bobby E.
Bobby E.
28 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Notice how once the vaccine was released there was a shortage on micro chips? Coincidence, I think not!
It was a giant global effort to retool the plants and get the chips into all those vaccines. I can’t buy the car I want cause of the chip shortage the vaccine has caused. Sorry but the government won’t track me with a covid vaccine chip!
Also saw the fake news is reporting that Texas Freedom Fighter Caleb Wallace has died of covid, when you know the government took him out, its just so easy to blame everything on covid now isn’t it!