MLK Day March 4 Justice

Mass Action Against Police Brutality MLK Day March for Justice on Monday 1/18 starting at 1pm in the Grove Hall area. Exact location to be announced. Hit the streets for justice and in support of the fight for our demands!

MLK Day March For Justice Demands:

1, Jail Killer Cops! Reopen All Past Cases of Police Brutality!

2. Exonerate and Free All Wrongfully Convicted!

3. Fire and Prosecute Police Guilty of Assaulting Protesters and Ban All Use of Rubber Bullets and Chemical Weapons on Protesters!

4. Drop All Charges Against Protesters!

5. End Forced Separation of Families by I.C.E. and Prosecute All Officials Responsible for Violating I.C.E. Detainee’s Human Rights!

6. Raise the Minimum Wage to a Livable Wage Now! For Immediate Pandemic Relief, Temporary Ban on Evictions, and Immediate Aid to All Struggling Families and Small Businesses!

7.Rename Faneuil Hall! Rename Peters Park to Terrance Coleman Park! Remove Mulligan Plaque

Volunteers and Marshals needed. Sign up:

Join 1/7 and 1/15 organizing meetings.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality demands prosecution of police exposed by BPD body cameras.
Calls MLK Day March for Justice Jan 18

Contact: Brock Satter (Mass Action Against Police Brutality organizer)

December 29, 2020

Recently released body camera footage shows a slew of violent yet unsurprising behavior from Boston Police officers that is further evidence of the BPD’s culture of abusive, belligerent policing. In the clips, BPD officers seem to relish pepper spraying peaceful protestors, shoving people down with batons, or running people down in police vehicles.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality calls for the prosecution and firing of all involved officers, whether they participated in the violence on the ground or were neglectful and complicit in the coverup of the abuse afterwards. All officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and superintendents who partook and/or oversaw police abuse must be held accountable.

Similarly, politicians who stand idly by are complicit in this abuse are demonstrating their inability to represent their constituents and must be removed from office. At the very least, Mayor Marty Walsh must sign the city ordinances restricting police weapons: BPD officers can not be trusted with batons or cop cars, let alone rubber bullets, tear gas, or pepper spray.

We call on all prosecutors to immediately drop charges on any protestors arrested during these and other protests against police brutality and racial injustice. Anyone remaining in police custody from these protests should be released.

Mass Action is calling a March for Justice on MLK Day (January 18th) to call for the prosecution of the police, the jailing of killer cops, the reopening of all cases of police brutality, and the end of institutionalized and systemic racism. As this body camera footage reminds us, police brutality is a threat to everyone concerned about their rights and liberties, and we must be united in demanding that these cops are taken off the force and off of our streets.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality
More Info: - - 617-548-4874
Date of Event:
Monday, 18 January, 2021
Time of Event:
1:00 PM EST
Grove Hall
Boston, Massachusetts
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