More Abortion bans

Its not a women’s right to be able to choose to kill another human, its called murder.
Birth control should be free and mandatory through out the world, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many germ carrying, bratty, spoiled rotten kids running around and making life for the rest of us hell.
And well we’re at it, how about curbing how many dogs people can have, and jail time for the owners for not having them on a lease or not picking up after them.
Nobody needs three freakin dogs Its disgusting people!
And nobody needs more than one kid, I’m taking to you Catholics!

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You don’t live in each individual woman’s body & don’t know what they might be going through. It is NOT up to you (& CERTAINLY, no MAN) to make such decisions for others. Ratify the E.R.A. & mind your OWN business. You’re not “god.”

You’re fucking annoying
You’re fucking annoying

Then move to China. Women have every right to their own bodies and what they do with it. Abortion isn’t murder. You pro lifers are worried about the wrong kids when people out there who NEVER wanted a child beat the shit out of them everyday, starve them to the point of death or dump them off somewhere. I’d rather these “humans” (who by the way are mere cells and aren’t even formed) abort their children then have that kid grow up miserable or the parents be miserable. If the parents even stick around. You’re just angry and ignorant. The… Read more »