People are Evil

I work in retail and realized today how much I hate people.
I used to think that most people deep down were good and honest but I’ve come to realize that they are not, in fact most people, given the chance would slit your throat for a $20 dollar bill.
People are not good, they are evil and only pretend to be good to get want they want. I see now why religion was created, it was to keep people from just killing one another for no good reason, to make people afraid of their actions by telling them they will be judged some day by a higher power and if they have been complete assholes, they will wind up in hell!

I have found that people under 30 and over 60 are the worst, rudest, and self centered. I had an older women at the register ask me if I was married, I replied no and she said “I thought so. It’s a shame you ruined yourself with all those tattoos, you might have been a good catch for someone” then she just smiled and walked out the door. The nerve of her, how dare her say that to me so matter of fact and cold hearted. Who is she to judge me? I’m here at my job to take your money not your insults or advice, save that for your grand children you old hag!

Then the other day I had some creepy guy tell me that I smelled terrific, I smiled and said “Oh thanks” he then just leered at me with a dumb smile on his face, it was very unnerving. I get hit on all the time by perverts who think that I’m some loose slut because I have a few tattoos and i work in a grocery store.
People somehow have the attitude that they are entitled to something for nothing. I have seen people lie, cheat, steal, be rude to complete strangers, and general be the scum of the earth for no apparent reason. Don’t get me wrong there are some very nice people that come in the store but I feel even those folks could flip on the dime depending on the circumstance.
I’d like to believe that there are truly good people on this earth but I’m really starting to doubt it.

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Good Person
Good Person
1 month ago

“I get hit on all the time by perverts who think that I’m some loose slut because I have a few tattoos and i work in a grocery store.People somehow have the attitude that they are entitled to something for nothing.”
Do you ever think you get hit on because they think you are nice and attractive, or, is your mind always set to think in the gutter? So, what would it take to get a date with you? A free dinner, some jewelry or perhaps a couple hundred dollars? The “entitled to something for nothing” remark indicates you know nothing of meaningful relationships and you have the mindset of a common whore.
Remember, all those people you judge to be perverted, rotten and evil – the ones you hate so much – probably hate you as well. They probably think you are a stuck up slut with a big chip on your shoulder who really isn’t “all that” but thinks she is. They probably see you as a nasty judgmental bitch who thinks she’s “a good person” but in reality is nothing but a disgusting gold digger..

5 months ago

Seems like you hate men, or maybe yourself. Do you feel you cannot attract a decent man because you made the mistake of defacing yourself with tattoos and now you realize you made yourself look indecent? If you don’t want to attract men, don’t wear perfume. Let your natural stink and bad breath permeate the air a bit. Not too much though. Also, cover your tattoos and feminine curves with frumpy clothing. Don’t wear makeup.Even the “old hags” won’t look at you and tell you you might have been a good catch. After a time of being dismissed and ignored, you will loose the paranoia that people are basically evil.

5 months ago

You sound like deep down, you realize all the tattoos were a bad idea. They make you look like a loose slut because most loose sluts have tattoos. The old hag was right. In America, you have the right to be wrong, then live with the consequences. So, live with it, embrace it. It’s what you wanted when you got the tattoos (to look like a loose slut)