Rally support needred asap. Media coverup ! BIDEN Lawsuit filed

this is the biggest most controversial “On Behalf Of The World’s People” 81 page A.I. genocide prevention lawsuit scheduled for trial that needS MEDIA ATTENTION and RALLY SUPPORT RIGHT NOW!

Biden Obama Clinton Pelosi Bill Gates Google Facebook World Bank. CNN… The list is long. (See link below)

$1 donated from every American to expose Chinas plans to take away our freedom is what is at stake democrate and Republican alike know what’s at stake China doesn’t care about Earth humanity nor do the politicians on this list

Our lives depend on this Lawsuit

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1 year ago

This is word vomit.

1 year ago

This is nuts but I feel like giving you a dollar for originality and effort, or to use towards some mental help!

Fu(k B|den
Fu(k B|den
9 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Commies have already taken over, a long time ago. Look at this site for an example. They’re using the communist fist wrapped in pro-freedom, pro-liberties colors. Dirty commies.

I can’t wait ’til shit actually falls apart, the freebie loving cummunists and socialists will starve first, at least the majority of the dumb sheep followers. The marxists know whats actually going on so they’ll be ok until we American’s find them in hiding. Just like they usually do, hiding in the open until they convince enough of these dumbasses to believe in free shit and positive (assbackwards) rights. Negative rights will always trump you fairness fairies. Remember the CCP only lives because of how they leech off those around them, hence how the US has been done because dipshits were allowed to vote.