Remove Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from The House of Representatives

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Demand Congress Remove Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from The House of Representatives. She was caught on video Harassing Parkland school shooting survivors as well as using a HORRENDOUS inappropriate slur when referencing a child with downs syndrome . Link below.

Before she won a seat in the House of Representatives after running unopposed in 2020, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene harassed Parkland survivor David Hogg outside the U.S. Capitol building, peppering him with questions and baseless claims before calling him a coward. Footage of the incident has recently gone viral after the parent of a child shot and killed in the Parkland school shooting shared the video on Twitter in an attempt to shine a light on the freshman lawmaker.

Many of Greene’s fellow members of Congress have expressed shock and disgust at the behavior she exhibited in the now-viral video. “Can’t believe this person is my colleague on the EDUCATION & Labor Committee,” Rep. Mark Pocan tweeted.

“Her blatant lies and irresponsible acts are dangerous, repulsive, and demand swift consequences from the US House,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman tweeted of Greene.

Some members of Congress have even introduced a resolution to expel Greene from the House of Representatives. “I don’t need to explain why @RepMTG is a clear and present danger to Congress and our democracy,” Rep. Jimmy Gomez tweeted Wednesday. “She did it herself. And she must go. I’m introducing a resolution to expel her from Congress immediately.”

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