Republicans need to stand up to Trump

Trump is getting dangerous now with his reckless actions. When will the republicans get the balls to stand up for this country and stand up to Trump, to stop his destructive unpatriotic madness?
Trumpers talk about the Dems being weak, while they sit around and let Trump do one of the most unpatriotic things imaginable, contesting the vote, which is the fabric of our democracy. Trump laid the groundwork for his actions months before the election took place, just in case he lost (which he did!), so that no one would be surprised when he cried fraud and contested the election, and all you republicans are ok with this? I cannot believe what a bunch of cowering little girls the republican party has become. I mean will the GOP just let this man do whatever he wants without any question, will no one stand up to Trump?
And Trumpers try and tell me this isn’t fascism and Trump is not a wanna be Dictator, PLEASE!
It’s clear that Trump has no soul and is the biggest sour looser, cry baby, total douche bag, this country has ever seen, and every republican and so called “Patriot” should be ashamed of Trumps actions and for blindly following this man into the cesspool of lies, corruption, and the utter disgrace of our democracy.
With Trump, its not about patriotism, or fighting for America, its all about him and his “ratings” and how much he believes people love and adore him, about how much money he and his family can make of the backs of working people while he sits in the lap of luxury eating burgers and Kentucky Fried Chicken laughing about how easily manipulated and stupid people are for hanging on every lie he feeds them!
This whole election mess is wrong on so many levels and must stop or this country will be torn apart even more then it all ready is, and unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what Trump wants, he’s trying to tear the country apart for seemingly his own amusement.
It is my hope and dream to see Trump escorted out of the white house in hand cuffs and rid America of its worst nightmare; TRUMP.

Darren S.

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Pat Sax
Pat Sax
7 days ago

Trump is Nero fiddling away while Rome burns

18 days ago

Trump has fired several pentagon high ranking officials and they say there are more to come. HMMM…..military coup? It is exactly the same path as Hitler, courts, military, etc, then he started to eliminate his enemies. Where will this end?

14 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hopefully i ends when the fraudulent democrat traitors are toppled from power. Nobody with integrity or morality wants left wing fascists destroying the country.

12 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

But are you gonna say shit abt the RIGHT WING fascist, white supremacist who was in office for four whole ass years??