Shall Not Comply!!!

I want to first say that I feel I am the single person who can see this clearly. We have our ups and downs as a nations, but things always get forgotten or covered up. When Covid came into the situation, it changed everything. The fear and panic was definitely real in the beginning. We since found a way to combat Covid on multiple fronts. Yet our world governments seem to think we are retarded and we cant make our own choices. As an American calling any citizens of foreign or domestic nations, please understand America is starting to weaken at the top. Our legs are becoming more and more unbalanced and we are getting ready to topple. If this happens I truly think ours and your nations will not be safe any longer. Our nations rely on each other. When we fall you will fall. So what I’m getting at is, DO NOT COMPLY WITH POLICIES THAT LIMIT YOUR FREEDOMS!!! Your freedoms whether given to you by your Constitution or Parliament are more important that your life. For those world wide fighting this mask/vaccine mandate, American patriots stand by you in your need. Keep it up we are on to something great. I’m aware this site is in the US but I’m speak to anyone at this point who agrees with my stance.

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