We plan to setup tables with flyers and signs about FREEDOM from mandated m@sks, v@$$ines, l0ckd0wns and test!ng. We want to give out information and educate people, who are interested in learning more about this movement across the world. The information will include knowledge about constitutional rights, real C0vid statisticsRead More →

On Wednesday, January 6th, Donald Trump’s supporters performed an act of sedition and domestic terrorism by violently attacking Capitol Hill and attempting to hijack the democratic process. On Sunday, we rally in support of democracy, the constitutional process, and free and fair elections! We must defend our institutions, fair elections,Read More →

Please join us in expressing our extreme displeasure that Gaetz continues to vote in ways that clearly support white supremacists. The attack on the Capitol reminds us that far right extremists never stopped spreading their poisonous hate. Social distancing and masks will be required. Signs, drinks, and snacks will beRead More →