Trump followers are like Cows being lead to slaughter

Trump is the master manipulator of complete morons and I think we found the mother load of morons organizing and attending “Patriot” Re-open/Freedom rallies!
They scream about being oppressed and the Tyranny of the state imposing their will on the people, really? Didn’t the great almighty orange beach ball Trump start this lock down? So in affect, he started the Tyranny and you should be railing against him.
You people feel your so fucking righteous, hiding behind your God and Family and patriot bullshit, makes me fucking sick!
Bring your picnic baskets and your trump shirts and all catch corona and see how your God protects you on that!
I can see why cults are successful, The weak minded follow the Shepard and usually it doesn’t end well.
What has trump done for you people exactly that has made him a God to you? oh thats right, he’s been a giant racist, bigot, bully, and is in the process of destroying the world as we once knew it….just like all of you!

John Feld

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Trump followers ARE patriots, the lambs to the slaughter are the liberal left who will do their masters bidding no questions asked. Those are the real morons. Think zombies aren’t rea!? They are. They’re called democrats. Too mind dead to think for themselves. We are not afraid to catch a cold. We know how to wash and not spread germs and manage our own lives unlike liberals who need govt to manage for them. Liberals are brain dead zombies. Corona virus is NOT what will kill you. If you’re afraid, stay home. The minute you take away my choice however… Read more »