unfair st charles county building and code enforcement

would like to find others that are tired of unfair practice of st charles county neighborhood preservation dept and would like to do something about it i am tired of getting picked on and bullied by inspectors that changed the rules after i bought my home without me even getting a vote about it and every time they come around they write up something new to fine me and take my hard earn money and act like they are above even the county police dept and do not need a warrant to come on your property and walk around and write up every little thing they can and give you a list of things they want changed and give you a very short time to get it done then make you go to court over and over so you loose time from work just so they can make any home repair you are trying to do cost three times as much and are getting out of hand with the rules like we are just rednecks with cars on blocks and washers and dryers on the porch or something and making where it is a horrible place to live and i am ready to do something about it even if it takes all of my being.

st charles, Missouri

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Pete Adonis
Pete Adonis
8 months ago

it is going on all over. I have the same problems in Bristol township Pa Bucks county Pa