Weed Walk on Washington

National Marijuana Legalization Protest March
The protest it’s about time we had.

I don’t know a single person who is AGAINST the legalization of marijuana. Yet, despite numerous states making Marijuana legal and decriminalized, we nationally still have yet to act upon it.
Marijuana is no longer a divisive issue.
Common Americans have accepted that they were wrong, put their misconceptions aside, and lit up. And hey, everyone’s done it in college.
There are COUNTLESS reasons why marijuana is a huge benefit to our country, and here are some:
-There are thousands of Americans currently serving ridiculous sentences in prison for non-violent marijuana charges.
-Marijuana has MAJOR health benefits, and has contributed to the curing of diseases such as Cancer and even mental health issues such as OCD.
-Medical Marijuana is a necessity that has been a major black market for over a hundred years. Even now that some states have it legalized, prices in America are so much higher than somewhere like Canada. This heavily affects poor familys, who obviously have more mental/health problems than the average population. (in canada you can get a 4$ pre roll)
-It’s a fucking plant. It’s not a drug. It’s not addictive. It’s a fucking PLANT. you can’t make a fucking PLANT illegal!
-It has disproportionally been used to target minorities and we need to finally own up to that.
-It is projected to become one of the most booming industries.
-It is a plant that can be used as a fuel source!
-The marijuana industry will create thousands of jobs, many of which who will go to young adult minorities in poor areas who need them most!
-legalizing marijuana hurts 0 people and helps MILLIONS

It’s about time we got Marijuana legalized AND freed all people from prison on marijuana charges.
Join me in my Protest March Across Washington, Friday June 5th 2020.
We want the stench of weed to spread across the whole capitol!
PLEASE come out and fight for this cause with us once and for all!
(any public figures of performers interested in speaking or performing contact kaxamdays@gmail.com)

More Info:
Date of Event:
Friday, 5 June, 2020
Time of Event:
10:00 AM
The White House
Washington, District of Columbia

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I agree that weed should be legalized, but I disagree with some of your reasons. “It’s a fucking plant. It’s not a drug. It’s not addictive. It’s a fucking PLANT. you can’t make a fucking PLANT illegal!” Cannabis is a drug. It is possible to be both a plant and a drug. Peyote, tobacco, opium (heroin), and coca (cocaine) are both plants and drugs too. So while I support cannabis legalization, “it’s just a plant” isn’t a very good argument. “It is projected to become one of the most booming industries.” “The marijuana industry will create thousands of jobs.” I… Read more »

Claire Jeon
Claire Jeon

I believe that if we legalize weed, there should be laws set in place to limit the amount one person can have and (obviously) have an age restriction and limit. It is important that people don’t get addicted. Smoking too much marijuana can increase the chances of stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, sudden cardiac arrest, and can damage the brain to the point where it is similar to the brain of a schizophreniac or worsen schizophrenia. Be careful when you use drugs and try not to do it pretty often. Research how the types of marijuana can affect your… Read more »